Foundation Course

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Foundation Course for biodynamic farming and gardening

The Foundation Course covers the following topics:

Level One – Day One:

  • A New Perspective for Agriculture
  • The Role of the Biodynamic Preparations
  • Two Realms of Existence
  • The Role of BD500
  • Practical: The Art of Vortex Stirring

Level One – Day Two:

  • Using the Biodynamic Planting Calendar
  • Rhythms in Nature
  • Balancing Excesses in Nature. The Role of BD508
  • Practical: Applying BD508

Level Two – Day One:

  • Within The Living Realm
  • Biodynamic Preparations – BD502 to 507
  • Biodynamics – A Total Farming System
  • Practical – Making Manure Concentrate

Level Two – Day Two:

  • Balancing the Forces – The Role of BD501
  • The Important Role of Humus
  • The Element of Water
  • Taking and Reading Soil Profiles

Level Three – Day One:

  • The Vortex – Connecting With the Universal Laws of Life
  • The Art and Science of Compost Making
  • Practical: Building a Biodynamic Compost

Level Three – Day Two:

  • Formative Forces in Nature
  • Biodynamic Methods of Pest and Weed Control
  • The Farm as a Self Contained Unit – Green Manuring and Crop Rotations
  • Practical: Biodynamic Tree Pasting

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