Certifcate Program course modules

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Biodynamic System Management
Biodynamic Perspectives
Basis of Biodynamic Practice

101.1: Personal Development.

101.2: Perspectives: Spiritual and Scientific.

101.3: Site Review.

101.4: Analyse Soils.


Principles and Policies for Biodynamic Practice

102.1: Biodynamic Principles and Policies.

102.2: Principles of Biodynamic Soil Fertility.

102.3: Manage Conversion to a Biodynamic System.


Resources to Enhance Terrestrial and Cosmic Processes

103.1: Prepare to Use the Biodynamic Preparations.

103.2: Prepare to Use BD500.

103.3: Prepare to Use BD501.

103.4: Make Biodynamic Compost.

103.5: Develop Resources to Enhance Biological Processes.


Daily, Lunar and Planetary Rhythms

104.1: Daily and Seasonal Rhythms.

104.2: Lunar and Planetary Rhythms.

Enhance the Site Environment

301.1: Enhance the Etheric Life of the Site.

301.2: Improve Environmental Performance.


Develop the Biodynamic System

302.1: Formative Forces in Nature.

302.2: Two Realms of Existence.

302.3: Enhance Understanding of the Biodynamic Preparations.


Biodynamic Enterprise201.1: Define the Project.

201.2: Determine Requirements for the Project.


Implement and Monitor Biodynamic Enterprise

202.1: Implement Production Plans.

202.2: Use Biodynamic Preparations and Practices.

203.2: Manage Weeds, Pests and Disease.

203.4: Harvest and Store Produce.


Evaluate and Improve the Biodynamic Enterprise.

203.1: Review Site Development.

203.2: Review Biodynamic Production.