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Biodynamic preparation workshop

This workshop provides you with the understanding and the skills to make all the 9 Biodynamic Preparations which are used in Biodynamic Agriculture and gardening.

We explore their role in healing the soil and the surroundings.
How to prepare them using the appropriate herbs and animal sheaths.
What season and time span to cure them in the soil.
What materials ( tools etc ) are needed.

This is a practical workshop and is suitable for farmers, viticulturists, vegetable and fruit growers and educators who would like to learn to make the preparations  BD500, BD501, the Set of Compost preparations and BD508.

Please wear suitable clothes and shoes as we shall be working with fresh animal organs, manures and herbs. Bring your own lunch (morning and afternoon tea provided).

Date :

Time : 9.00 am to 4.30 pm

Venue :

Costs : $ 120

Course presenter  : Walther Kohler-Bond

This course is only intended for people already practising Biodynamics on their land. ( min.15 people )